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Net25 "Keep it Simple"  

There are too many companies who will charge extortionate amounts for company websites, but more fool those customers who pay these prices.  Having designed and launched a few personal sites for friends and family it became obvious that there are many internet cowboys out there.  Designing a website in not a black art, granted there are specialised skills required but at the end of the day it doesn't need to be complicated and it doesn't need to break the bank.  You don't need to be a dot com millionaire to have your own website. 

Go Simple  -  Go Common  -  Go Fast  -  Go Low-cost

A simple web page loads quickly and focuses the visitor on your product.  When a visitor enters your website they need to have a quick and thorough understanding of what you are offering as well as being able to easily navigate throughout the site.

If the site is too cluttered and crammed with fancy splash, flash, animations and links it will not only be very confusing to the visitor but also take an eternity to load (An eternity on the internet is over 20 seconds!)  Remember, visitors are always a click away from leaving your site.  

We want your site to have a professional look and feel to it no matter how big your company. You can check out some of my clients' websites and see if you can distinguish which companies are work from home offices or office blocks.

Our prices start at just £25 (+vat) for the Poster page (eg. and go upwards of £250 for a Platinum Corporate Brochure (eg  We can design a range of different website types to your specifications and budget.  Prices can be quoted individually depending on your requirements,  please see our price guide for details. 

Whilst the design is relatively straight forward the next step comes in  promoting your site, if you thought the design was expensive then optimisation and promotion can set you back a small fortune.  Optimization, Reciprocal Links, Pay per Click advertising, (have I lost you yet?), etc.  Here come the cowboys again, promising to get your site to the number one slot on Google, don't even ask how much this will cost. Net25 won't promise a number one position in a matter of hours, but we will get your site a respectable position on the main search engines for a fraction of the cost.  There is also a lot you can do yourself to help promote your site, click her for details, the more popular your site becomes the higher your ranking.


See our price guide page for more details.


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