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What you need to do before ordering your site.

Designing and developing a website today is not easy, there are many elements to take into consideration before you order from Net25.  if you spend enough time planning your site upfront, you will definitely reap the rewards upon its launch.

Naming your site:

It is important that the domain name represents the image of your business effectively and makes the nature of your product or service clear to potential customers.

There are different types of domain names and these are identified by the suffix such as: .net, .com, .org .biz and .info  cost of these are £35 + VAT for 2 years country code extensions such as, or for the UK

When choosing a domain name, most businesses opt for a name that is:

  • short
  • easy to spell
  • easy to remember

After deciding on a domain name, you then need to check if it has already been registered by another user.  Once your domain is registered, it is protected.

Most people choose to name their website after their domain name, so that when potential customers think of your website, they will think of it by name. Your domain name, therefore, plays an important role in the branding of your company and its presence on the Internet.

Domain names are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Check out your domain names click here, you can order direct from 123 or Net25 can do it for you!

Content:  What do you want to say?

You can really put as much as you like on your website, but don't go over the top. A typical 4 page Net25 Bronze Websites may be structured into the following example:

  • Home Page - This should be a snappy introduction to your website and needs to capture the visitor to look further.  Aim for the visitor to see virtually all this page without having to scroll down.  This will be the main page for your site so you must use your "keywords"
  • About - Use this page to tell the visitor about your all about your company or organisation.  You can go into more detail here. - For the larger corporate brochure you can expand this section to cover different areas of your company
  • Products - What products or services you are offering, use photographs to enhance the experience. For larger sites you may wish to expand this section to cover a range of your products or services
  • Contact - Postal Addresses, email, telephone number, you can use a form page to make it easier for the visitor to contact you. Include directions and a map.

Keywords - If you wanted to search for your competitors websites what are the keywords you would type into a search engine? You should think about this and advise Net25 so that we can structure your site to get a higher search engine position.

Who are your competitors? - Let Net25 know of the websites addresses of your competitors this will help the designer understand your target audience.

Colours - Using the Net25 template (like this page) what colours are required. Maybe this should reflect the colours of your logo? Be as specific as possible, you can quote hex or rgb colour codes, we can also match colours from logos or picture files.
Click here to see the Hex Colour Chart.


Choosing the right typeface for your website copy is important, since it will affect the way your readers perceive your page (serious and formal, or friendly and casual). Aside from this, there are also important usability concerns. For example, some font types are more easily readable than others, and some are more widely available.

You want to choose font types that:

1. fit the character of your site,

2. are easy to read on a computer screen, and

3. are widely available across many browsers and operating systems.

Let's go briefly through the most popular font types:



  • Thoroughly available. It is probably the most common font.

  • Readability On Screen: Not the worse but definitely not the best, especially at small sizes.

  • Character: Streamlined and modern.  

  • This is 10pt Size   This is 12pt Size    This is 14pt Size

Times New Roman:

  • Thoroughly available.

  • Readability On Screen: Acceptable for font sizes of 12pt (this is 12pt). and up, but terrible for smaller sizes.

  • Character: Serious, formal and old fashioned.

  • This is 10pt Size   This is 12pt Size    This is 14pt Size



  • Widely available

  • Readability On Screen: Exceptional. It's wide body makes it the clearest font for on-screen reading, even at small sizes.

  • Character: Modern, friendly and professional.

  • This is 10pt Size   This is 12pt Size    This is 14pt Size



  • Good Availability  

  • Readability: Very good. It is the best serif font for on-line reading, since it was specifically designed for that purpose.

  • Character: Modern, friendly and professional.

  • This is 10pt Size   This is 12pt Size     This is 14pt Size


Comic Sans Serif 

  • Good Availability

  • Readability: Good It is easy to read

  • Character: Informal and friendly, but it is not considered appropriate for more serious, professional sites.

  • This is 10pt Size   This is 12pt Size    This is 14pt Size

Budget - How much do you want to spend? Make sure you cover any additional costs if you intent to update your site regularly

Now go to the Net25 price list and select the package that suits your budget and business.


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