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What you need to do when your site is launched.


When your site is completed by Net25 you will be asked to check it out for approval, a properly operating website is very important. Whilst Net25 do this you must check just in case! Check for spelling and typo errors, all links work, forms work correctly and pictures are displayed properly.

Now your website is up and running, it is  necessary to do promotional work to bring in visitors, especially if you have a business site that includes purchasing products or services.   Promoting your site is not such a daunting task here are a few helpful tips.

If you want visitors to find your website, then you'll need to let others know it exists, of course. Some of these ways are through search engine submissions, reciprocal linking, online and offline networking, and traditional forms of advertising, such as through newspapers, radio, TV, and magazine ads.

There is much that can be done even without a lot of money or a lot of time.

First of all, search engine submission is definitely important, but it is only one part of helping others find your website. Net25 offer this on all packages, upgrade to a monthly option for the best results.

Budget for updating your site to add fresh content and current information.
Use an email address that looks like:
Net25 will be able to set this up so that the email to that address is forwarded to wherever you usually receive your email.

Add a signature at the end of all your emails.

Participate in online discussion lists regularly, also using your signature.

Put your website address and email address on everything!

  • all written materials

  • business cards

  • letterhead

  • brochures

  • literature

  • publications

  • products

  • include it in all advertising.

  • Invoices

  • Receipts

Put your website address on the side of any company vehicles that you have.

Put your website address on every page of your catalogue or price list.
You want to make it as easy to find as your phone number.

Launch a prize draw associated with any one or more of the following:
Registering for your newsletter
Customers putting their name and email on a clipboard next to your cash register.
The prize can be one of your products, or a promotional item.

Send out a newsletter once every two weeks to people who have registered on your site.

Offer free links to other sites in exchange for them placing a link back to your website.

Do you have friends who have personal websites? If they like your website, ask them to write a mini-review of your website and post it on their site.

Do you have a niche site? Are there certain specialized magazines you'd consider buying an advertisement in? Why not write a review of your website, and submit it to the magazine for publication? They have lots of space to fill, and they are often very happy to receive articles of great interest to their readers. This can give you a lot more space in their magazine than you'd ever be able to afford.

Tell your friends about the website. Word of mouth is very powerful.
Send out announcements about your website, and send out news and updates.
Start a newsletter that will be of interest to your clients, customers or potential clients or customers.

Include a "tell-a-friend" feature to your website. This will let your visitors easily spread the word about your great site.



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